About us

Maintaining the safety and security of commercial air traffic is a high priority goal for all public and commercial stakeholders. The trend of long term growth in commercial aviation is intact, but the infrastructures of our airports will not be able to handle a corresponding and linear increase of security measures in the future. Countering todays and tomorrows terrorist and criminal threat continues to be a prime challenge for those responsible in airlines, airports and administrations.
EASC, the European Aviation Security Center, was established in 2008 to promote innovations in AVSEC and closely collaborate with competent industrial partners, scientific research institutes, universities and public authorities. We all share the common aim of advancing research into sustainable technological and organizational methods of an aviation security regime that will be both socially and economically acceptable and also effective against terrorist threats of the future. In a European and international context we aspire to:

  • offer a neutral platform for the exchange between stakeholders in aviation security and to help moderate an open discourse between the different interests that are driving them
  • Management services on the subject of aviation security and related areas (intermodality)
  • provide the services of an academic think tank structure, as well as those of a practical research and validation center at the airport of Schönhagen
  • give consideration to the legal and sociological impacts of globally expected new security technologies and procedures.

Airports, airlines, aviation security providers and regulatory authorities have to adapt to constantly changing threats and have to define counteracting technologies and methods. Social acceptance is much influenced by the media and public opinion. Implementing new security technologies will more than ever have to consider the entire process chain and the particular interest of all interest groups and all others participating in commercial aviation.